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World Clash The Final Review (THE END)

Written by on May 17, 2022

May 2022 (ReggaeVibeMedia) – The end of the world Clash era is here and it all came to a close in the UK. People from all across the globe came out to support the event and it was a massive turn out. The UK crowd was very particular about what they were presented musically which brought out the best in the Sounds that participated.

We’ve covered World clash for the last decade so it’s only right that we review the final World clash. It was hard to watch the video that was released being as though I’ve been to the last 5 – 6 World Clashes. The vibe in World Clash is something that I wish every clash fan to experience. 🔥 With that said, lets start with round one.

This year the host was Tony Matterhorn and I must say they found the perfect mouthpiece to handle the World Clash stage. It’s not an easy task, and things can get out of hand if you don’t have the right person behind the controls. So Matterhorn big up, great work 🎤. I heard there was a little backlash afterwards but that’s expected with such a huge, competitive event.

Early Rounds

Stereo 5 started the battle and they played like it was a 90’s throwback clash. They have some hard-core dub plates by some Veteran DJs, and they did get a few forwards but that didn’t fly with the UK crowd. They were eliminated early simple…

Mystic Sound out of Canada tried their best! They played some good tunes, they got a few for small forwards but it just was not enough to persuade the UK crowd. Not even the old Bounty Killer dubs they rinsed could save them. First time I’ve ever seen Bounty Killer dubs leave a crowd flat. Gone are the days when you could load up on Bounty Killer dubs and win the round. It seemed like this stage was a little bit too big for them, and they were just happy to be in the world clash. (Just my opinion 🤷🏾‍♂️)

Code Red was very impressive in the first round. They played like a champion sound is supposed to play. I could tell they studied the other sounds by the way they cut their dubs to counter act everything they thought the other sound systems would try. It’s not a bag of money that kills sounds it’s creativity and dedication. At the end of the day it comes down to entertaining the people and that’s exactly what Code Red did. That’s why they went well into the late rounds. They cut a Tony Matterhorn dub and he’s the host, so what does that tell you? They cut a wicked Busy Signal dub calling out Mighty Crown for not being in the clash. All that tells me they were ready for them! Most forwarded sound in the early rounds!

Dynamq stood his ground in the early rounds, which was expected from the former World Clash Champion. He didn’t really flatten the place he just basically stayed alive to play in the later rounds. He got a forward here, and there. He has a huge dub box and some exclusive dub plates but the UK crowd was just not impressed that much. I think by him winning world clash before he figured he could sit up there and just rinse big dubplates and not have to entertain the people or bring any creativity.

Empire Sound looked like a team with a dream to become World Clash Champions. The whole crew was dripped in all White Empire Sound gear. They had one MC and a hype man with towels waving everywhere as if this was a flag party or something. They’re dub box was very solid, they played some good songs, they had the exclusive dubs cut just for World Clash but that just wasn’t enough to impress the UK crowd. What I think they lacked was entertainment.

Warrior Sound needs to keep learning the skills it takes to kill big sounds because they are right there, but they lack the those little fundamental skills to be an elite killer. They did end their last round with a massive dub, and a massive forward which shows they have what it takes they just need to keep tweaking it.

By the end of the elimination rounds it was Mystic, Warrior, and Stereo 5 all done for the evening. I think the UK crowd got that absolutely correct. I have to shout out the Natural Ites – Picture on the wall dub that Empire played to keep them alive into the tune fi tune round. 🔥 The tune beat out a Garnett Silk played by Stereo 5 🤔

It was at this point Code Red began the slow Methodical late round body blows like a boxer. Chris Diamond commanded the sound like a real general! He began his round explaining he didn’t have Garnett Silk, or a Gregory Isaacs because of the age of the sound, but he did have a wicked Buju to begin the round with.

Dynamq came in to the later round strong standing his ground as a former World Clash Champion. Empire was next to play and they dropped some heavyweight dubs but they just didn’t have enough to seal the crowds vote into the tune fi tune round, so as it goes they were eliminated. Empire did very good but there can only be one champion and the UK crowd felt they hadn’t done enough to take the trophy.

So tune fi tune came down to Code Red vs. Dynamq. Here’s the breakdown:

1 – Code Red +1
Code Red – Toots and the Maytals
Dynamq- Luciano

2 – Dynamq +1
Code Red – Culture
Dynamq- Gregory Issacs

3 – Code Red +1
Code Red – Festival Tune
Dynamq – Steel Pulse

First time a big dub like Steel Pulse nah get no forward. He actually got boooed.. Maybe if David Rodigan played it there would of been a different outcome.

4 – Code Red +1
Code Red – Beres Hammond
Dynamq – Screwdriver

5 – Code Red +1
Code Red – Monty Morris
Dynamq – June Lodge

6 – Dynamq +1
Code Red – Derrick Morgan
Dynamq – The Itals

7 – Code Red +1
Code Red – Eric Donaldson
Dynamq – Al Campbell

8 – Dynamq +1
Code Red – Mighty Diamonds
Dynamq – Body Andy

9 – Dynamq +1
Code Red – Big Mountain
Dynamq – Junior Murvin

Code Red actually tried the Big Mountain dub which was a big mistake but a good try 😂 Dynamq takes another late round 🥊 5-4

10 – Code Red +1
Code Red – Cocoa Tea
Dynamq – Richie Stephens

Why Chris Diamond had to talk about a dub that killed Rickey Trooper I don’t understand (I’m guessing to show that dub killed a legend 🤷🏾‍♂️), but he’s playing against Dynamq in World Clash… but it won the round. 6-4 There it is Cocoa Tea seals it up for Code Red with “Sounboy Go Suck out your mama… “ a dub that killed the Legendary Rickey Trooper one of the greatest of all time. One of the most controversial selectors World Clash has ever seen was referenced in the last World Clash speech. Code Red used the same dub to end it 🤷🏾‍♂️

I’m positive this is not the end of crowing the world’s best sound systems. It is the end of the World Clash Brand. Like I said in the tweet below… ✌🏾 Code Red is the top sound in the world right now and however the next generation deals with crowning the next best sound in the world it’s going to have to start with Code Red!

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