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( Here are the top 7 supplements and superfoods for de-stressing while strengthening immune defenses during these tumultuously-political and germ-paranoid times. Are you ready to release bodily and mental tension? Are you in need of that now? Most of us are. What’s your first line of defense against parasites, bacteria, viruses, corrupt news and rude [...]

We always wanna bring forth information that may protect you in the fight against the wicked of the world. This feature is from the Aboriginal Medical Association that was formed by Dr Ali Muhammad to service the nationals of the Aboriginal Republic of North America. AMA was founded upon the need to address the specific […]

As the flu season begins the rush for everyone to get this deadly shot continues yearly. It is time for a reminder of just why, if possible, you should not get a flu shot. Here are nine good reasons that NaturalHealth365 has found that this shot will do far more harm than good. It raises […]

AZODICARBONAMIDE (ADA) 🚨 Warning: Cancer Causing Possible long-term side effects dermatitis cell mutations disrupted hormone function neurological disorders immune deficiencies cancer Possible short-term side effects skin irritation allergies asthma respiratory problems 🍴 Commonly found in processed bread products: bagels muffins hot dog buns tortillas frozen pizzas Azodicarbonamide (ADA) is bad for you. ADA is a […]

As human beings we are personally responsible for our own individual health as well as the health of our families, friends, those in our communities. As corporations continue to value wealth more than our health we must do what we can to protect ourselves. I can’t stress how import it is to read your labels. […]

(Natural News) Whenever people eat pastries or foods with artificial flavoring, they end up ingesting a hormone-disrupting chemical called propionate. A new study warned that this toxic food ingredient can trigger a series of unfavorable metabolic events that can make a person more vulnerable to diabetes and obesity. A common food preservative, propionate is not only present in artificial flavorings […]