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Blessed Earthlight Livication To My Granny Katie Hill!

Written by on April 19, 2019

To everyone who check Reggae Vibe this one is personally from me Ahmad “Ras Mahddy” the creator of the Reggae Vibe to the world especially certain people who shall be named in this livication to my granny Katie Hill.

Queen Ifrica – “Ask my granny”

This song is is from Queen Ifrica one of my personal favorite artist because I feel like I grew with her during her career. She was one of the first artist Jah guided me to interview during my first ever ideas of doing artist interviews, and creating my first magazine called The Reggae Source

I was one of the first to do a interview with Queen Ifrica after she performed for the first time on Rebel Salute and was discovered by Tony Rebel. Irie Fm did the first interview, and when she flew into New York a day or two after me, my two daughters, my brother, and sister Zyria all headed up from Delaware and conducted the second interview. We gave the whole crew some ital food at the hotel when they arrived, and did the interview with the very petite, sweet, full of fire Queen to be.

To make a long story short Queen Ifrica asked if I’m the real Reggae Vibe Media because of all the imitators copying. Queen this is the real Reggae Vibe see if you can find a Queen Ifrica interview before 2007 Watch the interview

We also gave Ifrica a “Free Jah Cure” T-Shirt we created at Trinity Signs & Designs which is now

My Granny Katie Hill

I proud to have been raised by my granny which is 92 today so I wanted to show the world my heart. Her story is great but may never be told. She raised her seven children without assistance from a father. The amount of other children she raised can’t be counted. She helped take care of many people in the South Bridge projects community of Wilmington Delaware. 

My most memorable was Ms. Perkins who was disabled and had a son “Larry” who was mentally disabled. Everyday my grandmother took care of them until they were removed from their home. My granny also took care of three children who’s mother was on drugs and father was in and out of jail and working periodically out of town to try survive. Monie, Keisha, and their little brother Corey became my best friends.  

Hard life we were born into and she’s lived 92 years surviving. To my granny blessed earthlight and happy birthday! Many memories with this mother of many! Shouts out to my auntie Lillie, and my cousin Debby “Deb” and Mal Fresh for taking a true interest in caring for her!  In closing the song say’s “You wan know hardship ask my granny. She work all her life and she never make a penny” That’s my Granny! Don’t have a penny but she rich!

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