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Singer / songwriter, guitarist. Feb 6th was proclaimed a national holiday in Jamaica to commemorate his birth. Bob Marley was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1994.On this being Bob Marley's 73rd birthday the hashtag trending on twitter is #Marley73. Many tributes to the legendary king of Reggae music from all over the globe.

Congratulations to Damian Jr gong Marley on his fourth Grammy Award when. After his fourth the Grammy award-winning selection social media was full of mixed emotions because of the Marley dominance over the past years. Freddie McGregor is one of the veteran artist that stepped forward to congratulate Damian Marley on his Grammy Award. In my opinion you should not blame the artist simply analyze the process. In a nutshell people pay to become a member of the voting fraternity the fraternity makes is selections the selections are made by those who have paid their dues those whose dues are current select the winner of the Grammy so if you'd like to be one of those persons making the decision simply pay to become a member of the voting fraternity.

The album Stoney Hill is another well deserved Grammy Award winning album in my opinion. It's a very good look for all the nominees especially Chronixx and JBoog. It shows how hard these younger artist are working. Common Kings is this years "Who the hell" nominee (no direspect), and last years winners Morgan Heritage made it back into the ranks. Jesse Royal and Queen Ifrica had really good albums this year and maybe should have been given a closer listen but I still don't think they would have beat Damian Marley.

We appreciate you taking a few minutes to voice your thoughts and opinions in our comments section below. Your valuable feedback will help us shape the future of Reggae music.

For many of you who are like me and couldn't make to Reggae's greatest show on earth we are to be blessed with a live stream from Rebel Salute featured below.

Hurricane Irma has caused major devastation to some parts of the Caribbean. With each share and full viewing of the video, you are assisting in the rebuilding process. Mr. Vegas had this to say conerning the recent events. 'I have seen where celebrities got on board with dire urgency to support the people that were and is still affected by Hurricane Harvey in Texas. I am hoping that this gesture and song will create the same impact and awareness."

There are many things misunderstood about the West Indian Carnival celebrations due to a lack of education. Philip Bell brings forth a magnificent insight on the origins of one of New York's most beloved celebrations in his documentary J'Ouvert (A look at J’ouvert, the controversial, and often misunderstood, celebration that kicks off Brooklyn's Carnival festivities with an outpouring of percussion music, costumes, dance, and history).

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