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June 2018 — Yokohama, Japan — Once again, Jamaica's competitive art form of sound clash has transcended cultures as evidenced by the sold-out Japan Rumble in Yokohoma, Japan. The fourth clash in the 2018 Irish and Chin Rumble Series, Japan Rumble, unfolded before a highly energized at capacity audience on Saturday, June 9, seeing Jah Works as the winning sound. The one man Jah Works sound system, hailing from Osaka, Japan, consists of Sota Ogawa, aka OGA as fans affectionately bill him. Excitement and premiere sound clash entertainment took center stage from start to finish as Jah Works knocked out all competition in his quest to represent Japan in the famed 20th Anniversary edition of World Clash later this year in Toronto, Canada.

Jah Cure today decided to release on social media his frustrations with selectors promoters and other persons within the music fraternity. To make it quite simple and straight forward he issued a warning out to all promoters and soundmen to have your money straight when you come to Jah Cure as you will see in the video released via social media. 

Good thing we aren't saying the late great after the veteren was shot in his back by accident. There's not too many details as to what really happened but we do know that he is now home recovering and released the video below.

New York , New York (May 29, 2018) On May 27 2018, ABC news published previously sealed video evidence from Mark Myrie's 2010 trial on drug-related charges. This excerpt of old surveillance footage was leaked to the internet just as Myrie, known to music lovers as Buju Banton, is preparing to return home after nearly a decade behind bars. The timing of the ABC report raises many important questions: What purpose does this report serve? Why unseal this dated footage now, when Myrie is preparing to resume his life and career? And finally, why did a American news network that has previously shown little interest in Buju Banton's life and career choose to run a lengthy article that omits crucial and readily available information about the case against Mark Myrie? "Mark is a warrior," says Attorney David Oscar Markus, who represented Myrie as he defended himself. "He fought two trials and numerous appeals against a system that included a corrupt juror. He could've taken a deal after the first hung trial that would've sent him home, but Mark's philosophy was: better to fight on your feet than live on your knees."

After serving nearly his whole sentence, and near time  to be released the top-secret video that no one could see was finally courtesy of ABC news able to break the seal for the world to see. 

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