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I'm not going to make it a big deal but me haffi tell you that Baltimore took the trophy in last night's clash. Big respect to Banton and all the crew. Here's a post of my bold prediction. Clash Report. One thing I must point out. Raw Deal didn't make any social media hype before the clash. Seriously I didn't know there account name until this morning when the posted the trophy. Revolution on the other did a whole campaign. 

New York, New York — October 2018 (Irish and Chin) — For Caribbean entertainment specialists Irish and Chin, sound clash is a way of life. And with roots firmly planted in New York and Jamaica, Irish and Chin has thrived as a purveyor of Jamaica's indigenous sound clash culture for over two decades. The distinctive company, which has amassed an incredible following over the years, has skillfully navigated the times and has helped bring sound clash to international, mainstream status. Remarkably, Irish and Chin has accomplished this feat via the success of their diverse portfolio of signature events, including the famed World Clash, which is celebrating it's 20th Anniversary all year long. A commemorative edition of World Clash during Reggae Sumfest kicked off the celebrations, captivating international audiences far and wide. Now, the lights, dubs, excitement and action of sound clash are set to erupt in Toronto, Canada at the Tibetan Cultural Center, as the milestone anniversary of World Clash culminates with it's official staging on Saturday, November 17, 2018.

Long time we've been telling them Rasta got soul. We can now we can say for sure Rasta got Style. Levi's Jean has taken the rasta style and turned it into a full vintage clothing collection inspired by the early 1950's denim style. 

By: Maria Jackson
Classic music is timeless, its appeal is never ending. Beres Hammond is an artist with multiple classics to his credit; for more than 30 years his unmistakable voice has given fans moments and memories for a lifetime. With his new album, Never Ending, Beres carries on the grand tradition of a romantic balladeer with sensitivity and swagger.

Anyone who has a  radio, television, or anyway to connect to social media, and is interested in music probaly knows about the Cardi "B" and Nikki Minaj drama. Well just like at any other event some people don't care where they are when they unleash the drama. It was New York Fashion Week and some how teeth and tongue met. The results Cardi B was left exposed "ass out" and barefoot after Nikki Minaj appareantly ripped her dress in the process. 

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