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Karamanti has just entered into an album deal with New Jersey based Arioso Legato Music. This means that the artist will be releasing a full studio album before the end of 2018. Alfonso R. Mitchell-Rios, the producer and CEO at Arioso Legato Music, is known for creating rap / hip-hop sounding rhythms, so Karamanti’s fans and supporters will be treated to a completely different side of the artist.
As it relates to content, Karamanti is committed to making the entire project uplifting and inspiring as she aims to help those that have gone through, or is currently going through life challenges. The first single from the not yet named album is “Be Yourself.” This is a record which: 1) encourages persons to seek answers and directions from within as oppose to without, and 2) be their authentic self.

By: Flair Lindsey
July 2018
 -- London, United Kingdom -- On Saturday, June 30, one of the most suspenseful clashes to hit England in quite a while unfolded in Telford, UK! The "UK Rumble" peaked in an unprecedented finale to the 2018 Irish and Chin Rumble Series in the wee hours of the morning with two winners declared, Mour Dan and Empire Sound. Two of Birmingham's most feared sound teams will head to the famed World Clash in Toronto, Canada in October 2018.

We are officially endorsing this weeks event the Port City Reggae Fest. This week it's all about Wilmington, North Carolina Greenfield Lake Amphitheater. 

photo/Joe Swift swiftphotos.net

It’s another succesful year in the books for Groovin in the park 2018. Roy Wilkins Park was the perfect venue once again for the thousands of patrons who came out to support the big show.


For anyone who felt the inspiration from the movie Black Panther was tainted because the story was fiction here is some real-life Wakanda type inspiration. If you do not know about the Lighting Africa project started by Akon here is the link. Much like his catalog of hit songs Akon is back with another life changing project for many. 

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