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Treehouse – Bring it to the light

Written by on May 24, 2021

For those who are not familiar with American Reggae here is a perfect example for you. “Bring it to the light” is a American Reggae single that takes a shot at the issues going on in the world today. The lyrics do not point any fingers, and stay pretty much “politically correct”, so it’s pretty much safe for everyone to listen too. It makes a serious statement without being so bold.

What I got from the message in the music is “If your going through something, or if you have something in the darkness that is effecting your life there may be that rebel inside of you to bring it to the light”.

The musical quality is good, the lead singer positive “J” has a nice quality voice, and the song sets a very mellow mood for the listener. For those who love guitar solos Nick Sefakis (guitarist for Iya Terra) gives it that flavor that you savor.

Rating: IIIIIIIIII 6.0


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