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Tanya Stephens has a few words for MP Lisa Hanna

Written by on September 21, 2021

As cruise ships continue to arrive to the island during these government-imposed No Movement days the argument is… since the reopening of the cruise industry, some craft vendors and tour bus operators have complained that they are not benefiting economically, as only some persons are allowed to interact with the tourists.

The very outspoken Dancehall entertainer Tanya Stephens shared her opinion with PNP’s Lisa Hanna on Instagram, voicing her concerns to the MP to “pick a struggle” which was in reference to the government’s decision to facilitate 1,700 visitors on a cruise ship, during a government-imposed No Movement day. Lisa Hanna, on social media, wrote,

“Many Jamaicans already live in fear of violence, sustained hunger, and threats to their livelihood. Repressing them further without movement but giving foreigners that right will breed dangerous resentment within a population already pushed to the limit. We’ve got to strike a balance.”

Tanya created a post on her official Instagram account in response which included Lisa Hanna’s message stating, “Lockdowns are to force Jamaicans to vaccinate. You ARE a part of the vaccine push. Pick a struggle. You don’t get to use EVERYTHING as promo material.”

After the Carnival Sunrise cruise ship arrived at Ocho Rios on Monday (September 13, 2021) with roughly 1,700 cruise guests onboard, the ongoing discussions on social media platforms have continued.


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