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Qyor Orchestrates Smash Hit Single ‘Be High’ featuring Kranium and Dexta Daps

Written by on June 25, 2021

Though he has performed and toured all over the world with legends like Jimmy Cliff, Rita Marley and Tony Rebel, Qyor’s deep focus on the quality of his music often earns him the description; your favorite singer’s favorite singer. Now Qyor (pronounced- Choir), is stepping into his own with the release of his latest single Be High which features Kranium and Dexta Daps, via Ineffable Records.

For a long time there has been great demand for a track with these three spectacular crooners and their unique mellifluous voices. Qyor has taken on the challenge of answering that call, and what has resulted is this high frequency, smooth bop that promises to be a summer smash. The relaxing melodies blend exceptionally well with the soulful nature of the instrumental which is produced by Staxx. Here we can see Qyor explore some of the trappings of his every day high life in his initial verse, while also using his vocals as the bridge between Kranium, himself and Dexta Daps.

From high pitched musings about being elevated, to the concept of stardom, and even entertaining romance; this track is layered but loses none of its musicality in the process. The skill with which Qyor, Kranium and Dexta Daps readily flow from one melody to the next, is remarkable. Somehow they manage to harmonize and merge each of their sonic signatures into the track seamlessly, as if they’ve been collaborating for years. Something which is perhaps partly a product of genuine friendship between them, and partly due to the initiative of Qyor in orchestrating the fated collab. 

“What I felt when writing this song was a high I could not put into words first . . . That bright dancehall mixed perfectly with the warm old school XOUL. I opened my mouth and it was as if the song was already there. High off Music . High off Life . High off Gratitude and of course the Sativa ” says Qyor when asked about how it came to be.

The upbeat foundation of the track, combined with its smooth soulful intonations, peg it as something almost completely other than Dancehall or Reggae. Something more akin to a fusion of these, among other genres. A personalized musical fusion that Qyor has patented as XOUL- Exotic Soul. This single is a crystallization of the musical philosophy that Qyor has developed over the years and has decided to put forward as his contribution to the evolution of Jamaican music. 

Be High is poised to become one of the most timeless go to songs for relaxation, recreation, and even pleasure. It’s almost meditative in its commitment to a smooth peaceful vibe, which is executed well.The appeal of a song like this is universal to say the least, and the grace with which the music is handled production wise, makes it perfect for almost any situation. This song comes as a kind of reminder and encouragement in a time where living in a pandemic has become very stressful for many. This track encourages listeners to take a moment and rise above it. 


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