Odell Beckham Jr. now issued a warrant from New Orleans police

Written by on January 17, 2020

#RVSports After this situation seen in the video a simple battery warrant was issued for the star wide receiver from LSU.

Really… Odell is always doing something to draw attention to himself yes, but this is ridiculous. It was clearly a celebration going on and that’s what these guys do in the locker room. In other words it’s expected! Also if you felt a certain way about it as a man you can try something simple that we humans have been using for millions of years. It’s called “communication” here is how it works you can simply turn to Odell and say something like “Do not do that”. You can even be nice and say “Please, do not do that” depending how offended you are.

As for Odell… Why you feel the need to show off on the field passing out cash? You know your in the spotlight, and everything you do is under a microscope.

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