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Hurricane Irma has caused major devastation to some parts of the Caribbean. With each share and full viewing of the video, you are assisting in the rebuilding process. Mr. Vegas had this to say conerning the recent events. 'I have seen where celebrities got on board with dire urgency to support the people that were and is still affected by Hurricane Harvey in Texas. I am hoping that this gesture and song will create the same impact and awareness."

There are many things misunderstood about the West Indian Carnival celebrations due to a lack of education. Philip Bell brings forth a magnificent insight on the origins of one of New York's most beloved celebrations in his documentary J'Ouvert (A look at J’ouvert, the controversial, and often misunderstood, celebration that kicks off Brooklyn's Carnival festivities with an outpouring of percussion music, costumes, dance, and history).

Not a lot of details are availble on this upcoming event but it's sure to be one you don't want to miss especially if it's free. On his social media accounts it was announced to all the followers.

If your one of those who happened to miss the Sound Chat show on Friday of last week you didn't get to hear Shabba's official response to Mr. Vegas. We are fortunate enough to bring it to you through the technology of today. This is not Shabba's voice but it is from a creditable source "Chin" from the Sound Chat Show, World Clash, Irish & Chin, ect.. Very well established source.

This one is in response to what went down in the NYC at Reggae in the Park 2017 at Roy Wilkins Park. Shortly after organizers pulled the plug, Busy exited the stage stating "If me nah perform R.Kelly can't perform" taking the crowd of 20,000 patrons with him. This marked Busy's first stage performance in the United States since having his work permit reinstated after being barred for years due to trouble with the law.

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