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by Ras Mahddy

Now that the clock has expired on the 2018 NBA Draft, it's time to really get speculating. The LeBron James sweepstakes is now headed into full swing with the L. A. Lakers rumored to currently  be the favorites to sign James this offseason. 


This will be the last summer for LeBron, at age 33, to be the Grand Prize, the Undisputed and sought after King. It'll be one of his last attempts of adding anymore rings to his collection, and staking final claim to his goal of being the G.O.A.T.

Here is something to think about during the NBA championship games. As the NBA continues to get public relations correct the NFL continues to flop and many NBA fans, analyst, and reporters are speculating as to why? Well the cat has just been let out of the bag. To sum it up in one phrase "you can't let the NFL win this one" that's what Jerry Jones the Dallas Cowboys owner was told by the president of the United States Donald Trump. When I heard that the NFL went through with this new policy without a vote I wondered how they could pull something like this off. Now that I see Donald Trump is playing a role in this whole situation it's become much clearer now. Enough for my opinion I'll let Yahoo sports give you the details and then you can voice your opinion below.

#RVSports - I scored the fight 114 - 114 a draw also. Golovkin was the aggressor through the entire match with Álvarez really neutralizing the attack responding with good defense. Álvarez in my opinion did a bit too much running around the ring and trying to make Golovkin work more. I don’t know if this fight went to 24 rounds we would have had a different outcome. For those who have seen good fights professional or street we know sometimes you just can’t call it. 

#RVSports The dust has settled and now it's the New England Patriots versus the Philadelphia Eagles. It's a rematch of the 2005 Super Bowl in which the Patriots beat the Eagles 24-21. Before we get into the stats let's get down to the real storylines of this years Super Bowl.

This must see T.V. is all courtesy of Shannon Sharpe a former (TE) for the Denver Broncos and Baltimore Ravens (NFL), as well as a former analyst for CBS Sports on its NFL telecasts. He is currently a TV presenter who co-hosts Skip and Shannon: Undisputed with Skip Bayless and Joy Taylor. The Superbowl winning (TE) Shannon Sharpe is known for voicing his opinion. In this episode of 'Undisputed' he really put it out there in the face of three big names in the NFL; Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll, former player and now general manager of the San Francisco 49ers John Lynch, and Dallas Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett.

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