Macka B’s Wha Me Eat Wednesdays ‘Hemp’

Written by on November 15, 2011

Posted on : March 18, 2019
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Macka B’s Wha Me Eat Wednesday ‘Hemp’ Macka B Brand New T-Shirt Range Available at Please leave your comments below and share Follow Macka B: Latest Album ‘Health Is Wealth’ OUT NOW Lyrics: Wha me eat Wednesday what have we here A plant that’s versatile that is clear Eat it put it on your skin or your hair It’s even a plant you can wear This shirt is made out of hemp Nice fabric good garment This paper is made out of hemp For your writing it’s excellent Hemp bags , necklace strings Hemp cement can make buildings Hemp shoes hemp socks even Hemp rings Hemp make a whole heap of things Hemp oil hemp seeds with the omega-3s Hemp milk for your cereals or your smoothies Hemp extract inna the cbd’s Hemp proteins athletes love these Hemp fuel could be 5 star Hemp plastics even made a hemp car Wha You think I’m going too far Them really have a car made out of Ganja Hemp cream hemp water hemp shampoo Hemp soap, hemp lotion, all over you Them even have a hemp diaper too Is there anything that The Hemp can’t do Comes from a miracle plant All the haters say what them want But me know them cant disagree This plants got versatility A Wha me eat, Wha me drink Wha you drive Wha me wear Wednesday Yes Iyah

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