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A police officer in Dallas shot and killed a man she thought was in her apartment — only, it wasn't actually her apartment, authorities said. After her shift ended Thursday night, the officer mistakenly entered the wrong apartment, Dallas Police Chief Renee Hall told reporters on Friday afternoon. The man who lived there — identified as 26-year-old Botham Shem Jean — was home when the officer entered; while it's unclear exactly what happened between Jean and the officer, Hall said, but the officer fired her weapon. The officer called 911, and Dallas Fire Rescue rushed the man to the hospital. He died shortly after. FULL STORY WASHINGTON POST

Karamanti has won the August 2018 Akademia Music Award for Best World Beat Song for ‘Be Yourself’! To be distinguished for creative excellence among a crowded playing field is an important achievement. Yet, equally important is the process of sharing this achievement with a broader base of music industry professionals. That is something that Akademia is committed to doing for Karamanti in order to increase her recognition and exposure.

TRACK LIST (in order)

1.“Sweet Jamaica” - Blue Glaze Mento Band

2.“Fun Time Again” - Christopher Martin

3.“Keeping It Up” - J-Summa

4.“JA Party” - Tifa

5.“Neva Give Up” Ed Robinson

6.“I’m Done” - Tosh

7.“Feel the Vibe” - Agent Sasco

From delectable dishes to tropical, homegrown music, the tiny island of Jamaica has long since proven itself to be a powerful force that continues to shine its light of influence across the world. As a part of that influence, Red Stripe, the island's beloved heritage beer, has played a big role in the development of Jamaican music. Just recently, the brand announced an exciting project that will continue to move the culture forward!

The headlines usually read how many dead in violent activity related to New York’s Caribbean Carnival Parade. This year efforts to bring the peace and love back to Carnival seemed to have been a successful mission. We can’t say there were no negative situations but over all we can say the violent activities decreased drastically. Fox News 5 reported as of Monday evening, police had no reports of violence along the route.

For nearly sixty years, The Jolly Boys have been integral to the fabric of Jamaica’s musical landscape and cultural heritage. Masters of Mento, one of Jamaica’s original music genres, this band has rocked countless private soirées, charmed the traveling elite and toured the world, leaving an indelible mark on everyone who heard them.

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