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The headlines usually read how many dead in violent activity related to New York’s Caribbean Carnival Parade. This year efforts to bring the peace and love back to Carnival seemed to have been a successful mission. We can’t say there were no negative situations but over all we can say the violent activities decreased drastically. Fox News 5 reported as of Monday evening, police had no reports of violence along the route.

With the economical benefits from the influx of tourists from all over the world to Brooklyn, New York large corporations, small businesses and the tourist/service industries had to find a way to break the stigma of Carnival. The deciding moment to make a serious changes in the New York Caribbean Carnival may have come in 2015 when Carey Gabay, an aide to Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo, died after he left his Brooklyn home to attend the festivities and was hit by stray gunfire. Two more people were killed at the celebration in 2016, despite enhanced security. 2017 one person was reportedly killed near the parade route along with a few reports of violent occurrences. 2018 the New York Police Department instituted a series of security measures, which included moving the start of the J'Ouvert parade away from the middle of the night to 6 a.m., putting light towers and security cameras in place, setting up checkpoints, and increasing police presence at both the early morning event and the larger parade.We are proud to report the New York Caribbean Carnival Parade was a safe, fun, and energetic atmosphere full of Caribbean culture at it’s best on display for the 1 million people in attendance since the mid – 1990′s.

My personal message to all involved thank you! In previous years I’ve attended Carnival and it’s some of my most memorable, exciting, unique experiences in my life. One year in particular bullets nearly missed my two daughters who were in front of a family members home. With that said I’m not stranger to this full story and I’m very happy to see this very unique cultural experience to it’s glory days!

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