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Good thing we aren't saying the late great after the veteren was shot in his back by accident. There's not too many details as to what really happened but we do know that he is now home recovering and released the video below.

"Yes, my people, one more time. I just wanna say blessed evening or night or day. I just want to say to you it's a shame how you can be here today and gone tomorrow. I want to share this with you. I accidentally get shot last night (Tuesday) in my back," he said lifting up his shirt to reveal the bandaged area where he was wounded. "We're here and we're saying give thanks for life because we don't know when anything can happen, in a minute, in a second. I'm thanking the Almighty God that I'm still here, still pushing the virus and we need to still push the love virus around the world. Blessed love, Barrington Levy say up and ya'll take care of yourselves and be safe."


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