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By: Ras Mahddy

The Irish and Chin team bringing it harder in 2018 then any year I’ve ever seen! From the Caribbean, Japan, Canada, Europe, straight to the U.S. the rumbles are on and the road to world clash is becoming clear. This years U.S. Rumble looks to be a great line up of sounds trying to take their sound to the next level.

Platinum Kids maybe the favorite to win. Black Magic has something to prove after falling short in a few of their last clashes. Banky Hype is another who has something to prove. He’s been hyped up but hasn’t really lived up to the hype when it comes to clashes. Does Banky Hype really belong on the world clash level? We shall see after May 5th. Jah Mikey has the dubs to take the clash but does he have the skills to match? Webbzite along with Dynamq must have put together a serious online petition to get into this one. Dynamq has the skills but I don’t know if his dub box has the weight to compete with the big boys.

Last but not least is the most intriguing sound in the clash Revolution. Three years ago when I heard them clash I wondered why these guys aren’t clashing their way to World Clash. In my educated “Sound Clash Phd” opinion they have the dept in their box to battle heavy all night, the selectors have the chemistry it takes to pull off a serious killing, and they have the experience to now take it to the highest level which is World Clash. I’ll make the statement right now and say it will come down to Platinum Kids vs. Revolution and Revolution will run them out of quality tune. Because the clash is being held in Platinum Kids territory the crowd may be a bit bias. It looks to be another very entertaining event for one of the most successful entertainment teams Irish and Chin. Bless Up…

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