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"Despite the constant spew of falsities, negativity and veiled bigotry that fan the flames of divisiveness amongst the populace, taking a cue from the Biblically rooted, politically conscious music of Culture, Signal Fire, along with Kenyatta Hill, rebel against the darkness by rising to the light of unity and positivity, creating a jubilant song capable of getting even the most rigid of sorts shaking their hips and feeling good." -Dave Shiffman, Rootfire Music video announcement coming soon for our latest single "Conquering Lion feat. Kenyatta Hill"!!

Release Date: April 20, 2018
Signal Fire - Conquering Lion Feat. Kenyatta Hill
Produced by: Lift Up Records

Reggae Vibe Rating: IIIIIIII 4/5
Reggae Review: Signal Fire is the band creating a fire from the east coast of the United States straight to the world. With this single featuring Kenyatta Hill the live instrumentation gives the track an original roots taste with some infused with a bit of American style of Reggae. This is one of those tracks that brings light to the connection between Jamaican Reggae music and the birth of the American style of Reggae music.