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This is a prediction I decided to share in light of the up coming clash between King Raw Deal vs. Revolution Sound "East Coast Warriors" I know both sounds very well, and it's not hard for me to decide who I think should win the clash. There are two major factors that will decide this clash.

Home advantage, and entertainment value. When it comes to Baltimore it's one of the most hardcore cities you can come across in America so people not going take it easy whoever try anything out of order. Anyone who pay their money to come to this clash is going to want music for their money. No long boring speech, and idiot talk. It also depends on how many people who really know Reggae are in attendance. If there's just a bag young people de pon di hype ting then that makes it another situation. What it will boil down to that night is keyword "Support" and who will have the most of it..? I've known Banton for years. He has shown us (Steve Solgie Fullerton Solgie One Sound) support. I've known Revolution Sound for half the time. BOLD PREDICTION: Damon Vanzant "Bware" you are my friend! I've seen what Revolution Sound can do, but I think going into Bmore will be to much to deal with mentally. Trying to lock off Banton and King Raw Deal in Baltimore is like trying to defeat a wizard 🧙🏾‍♂️. I think the amount of support they will get, along with years of experience will be enough to be defend home turf. Revolution will put up a great fight but they'll figure out with all they did they ended up with a Raw Deal! Jah blessing to the promoters and everyone involved. Keep it locked to thereggaevibe.com for the outcome highlights and audio if available.

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