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The first Reggae on the Waccamaw Festival was overall a success. Though it was their first event there is room for improvement, but the important things they got right on the first try. With the niceness of the venue being on the river and camping being available I can see this Festival growing into something similar to the types of big festivals you see on the West Coast of America.

We got to see Bubba Love perform for the first time which was a wonderful experience. Amani Smith always puts his heart into it when he performs wether it’s with Signal Fire or his own "Good People" band. Jahson and the Natty Vibez put on a very rootikal performance to turn up the heat in the night. It was Signal Fire’s time to hit the stage and they came blazing their new single Conquering Lion. They put on a solid performance which led to a nice collaboration featuring Jeremy from Tree House, Bubba Love, and the Signal Fire Crew. Finally Treehouse hit the stage to bring a close to a beautiful evening for the first Reggae on the Waccamaw River.

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