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Another Marley "American" Footballer

The next generation of Marley's are here and troding many of the same paths that their relatives have in the past even outside of music. We all know the musical Marley's which is the reason why I wanted to shed some light on one of the younger family members that is now becoming know for athletic abilities. Nico Marley a 5'8, 200lbs linebacker for the Tulane Green Wave is Rohan Marley's son, and the grandson of Bob Marley.

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Reggae Vibe Sports Introduction

It's because of my love for Reggae music this outlet Reggae Vibe was born. It's because of my love for sports that I am now adding sports into our coverage. It's Staurt Scott that gave me the inspiration to begin the journey into sports. It's his "booyaka" that had me always wanting to be a sports broadcaster but I don't think ESPN would have a Dreadlocks Rastafarian hosting anything on their network unless I was some major athlete or something of that nature. Now that Reggae has it's own outlet I can utilize it to bring yet another dream of my own alive. Sports along with Music is major influence in many peoples lives around the world. Many of the greatest people know were recognized because they were great athletes. Where there's sports there's usually music so here we go!

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