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Sound Fest Vibez in the park hit NYC

Irish and Chin has joined forces with Irie Jam Radio to welcome "SOUND FEST VIBEZ in the PARK" (#SFVP), the first ever outdoor sound system festival and stage show to hit New York, on Sunday, July 10, 2016. The masterminds behind World Clash, and Rewind bring you another historic event in the name of sound system culture. The stellar lineup includes some heavy hitting sound systems like Stone Love, Fire Links, Metromedia, King Addies, Soul Supreme and Banky Hype! Roy Wilkins Park in Queens, New York will be the venue for the event.

If you've ever heard Fully Loaded back in the day I think fans could expect something similar in the way the sound systems are lined up and play since this isn't a real all out war. I think we could expect more of a showcase of each sounds biggest specials and maybe a bit of trash talk from those who are trying to come up in the business. The one to watch in this lineup in my opinion is Banky Hype. I think he has something to prove but the question is does he have the creativity. Massive B always get love from us, Stone Love is our Worldly Immortal Sound, and I think Fire Lynxx is a blaze right now so you could expect him to burn it down. Stay tuned for the deatils!

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