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September 14, 2013 Brooklyn NY 
- It was “war” at Studio 10 as Sounds from the East Coast and Jamaica met for Blood Bath Burial, the first clash in this venue for the fall season.

 Presented by Maccabee Musik, the 3-round battle starred Revolution Sound (DC), Desert Eagle (Buffalo-NY) and Hi-Tech (St. Catherine-JA). King Eternity (ATL) was noted on the line up but was not presented due to undisclosed reasons.

Revolution was up first in round one and set the pace with a God bless segment followed by a segment of classic deceased artists (including Dennis Brown, Culture, Hammer Mouth and more) and finished off with a ganja segment led by past and gone Brooklyn artist, Sluggy Ranks. The other sounds seemed unable to match Revolutions’ vibes, intensity, speech and tune. The second round was capped off when Bware received a huge forward when he said to one of the others sounds who was preparing for his upcoming set “It’s not your time to play; what are you doing on stage and yuh need fi come off” and dropped the Sizzla dub “You keep taking what’s not yours…” and the place erupted.

Revolution easily won the first two rounds but it was evident that the crowd was frustrated with the other sounds and began to walk out during their play time. One of the disgruntled patrons pulled actually walked on stage and closed the laptop of one of the soundmen during his set. At the end, the tune-for-tune round was not necessary after Revolution dessimated the other sounds during the previous rounds. After receiving the trophy and winnings, Danny from Revolution went tune-for-tune with the other sounds for the love of the people and for the music and closed out the evening with positive vibes.

Revolution Sound was started in Brooklyn in 1998 and later relocated to the DMV in 2000. Its active members-Bware, Supa, Danny and Dee perfected their juggling craft under the guidance of Teddy of Emperor Sound before being introduced to the Soundclash world in the early 2000s. The first victory came at Bus Whey in 2003 in Washington DC against five (5) sounds including Jedi Sound and Natural Vibes. Their success soon continued with wins at Terror Alert 2K5 (2005 vs. Love People and Tek 9), Philly Sound Clash (2007 vs. SuperGold), East Coast Fight Club (2008 vs. Outlaw and Shashamane) and most recently the Beltway Clash (2011 vs. Mad Squad, Earthruler and Amplex).

Revolution Sound returns as the defending champs in the Capital Belt Clash set for Friday, November 29th, 2013 in Washington, DC against Love People, Dynamq and Unico Sound. Highly considered one of the most anticipated battles the DMV has seen in years, Capital Belt will definitely bring out fans from all regions to witness these local rivals compete in one of the area’s most renowned clash events.

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