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Chinese Producing Plastic Rice Now Found in Jamaica

There were numerous reports across many underground news sources about the Chinese producing plastic rice. Now it’s officially come to light in Jamaica. Leading news sources in Jamaica are reporting that the government will now be formulating a strategy to deal with this current situation. A high level meeting involving several Jamaican Government agencies has been called Monday morning in response to reports that artificial rice is being sold in the country. The police will also be involved in the meeting which has been called by Jamaica Customs.

Major Richard Reese, Head of  Jamaica Customs said “The Contraband Enforcement Team will be meeting with the Food Safety and Prevention of Infestation Unit and the police "to implement strategies in terms of product inspection and verification. The investigation will be approached "from a risk based standpoint, in terms of source of origin of the product."

According to The Korea Times, distributors have stated that selling artificial rice is extremely profitable, particularly in the enormous quantities that are currently in demand. Companies have managed to get away with selling this synthetic product for over four years until they recently started to distribute it outside of China to countries such as India, Vietnam and Singapore.

To learn more about plastic rice here is the :link

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