• Written by Ras Mahddy
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Special Report: Philando Castile Murder

Philando Castile 32, a school cafeteria worker from St. Paul, Minn. was fatally shot by a cop during a minor traffic stop in Minnesota — and the bloody aftermath was widely shared in a video in which captured by his girlfriend, sitting by his side, said: “Police shot him for no apparent reason.” For those who haven’t seen this video already watching it may disturb you. For the official full story check out the New York Post article. We feature this information so our viewers which are from many different nations and cultures can help to bring an end to these tragedies. Yes all lives matter so condolences to all the families and friends who are suffering from these loss of lives.

A scope needs to be put on the matter at hand which is the senseless killings of Africans, and people of color.

I’m going to offer an opinion and an example which already occurring in New York. More people of color need to join the Police force to patrol our own communities and not some outsiders that can’t relate to the people in the areas they patrol. In New York I’ve seen Asian officers patrol China Town, Dreadlocks police in Brooklyn, and Indian officers in Queens. Here is a question for you who took the time to read this… What’s the difference in the people now and back when Rodney King was brutally beaten by Police and it was caught on tape.? Police are actually being caught on video shooting un-armed people, and others for unjust reasons. Yes Baltimore turned up the fire when Freddie Grey was killed but nothing like the 1992 riots in Los Angeles. Feel free to comment at the bottom.


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