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Dallas shootings a hoax?

Becuase of the recent events in Dallas, Texas I came across a few bits of information I felt the need to share with the people of the world. Let's try and see the bigger picture here in this situation. First of all let's get straight to the victims begining with the man that is still alive. Mark Hughes


Now the follow excerpt was taken from
If there is an investigation taking place the last thing the police want to do is involve the general public who will most likely do something stupid and get hurt trying to apprehend a dangerous person, and most important the police would never want to give a person the heads up they are looking for them. They will never tell the media anything about investigations that could tip of an associated to the person of interest and they might give them time to get rid of evidence, or threaten witnesses, etc etc. Reality, is not what you see on TV. The police don’t need your help finding anything or anyone, especially in Downtown Dallas where EVERY STREET CORNER is equipt with s very high-end sony PTZ dome cameras, monitored around the clock by the police. You have to get a security clearance to be one of those operators. So KNOW FOR A FACT they have footage of everything that transpired downtown the other night but you will never see it because guess what you will see? A BUNCH OF EFFING ACTORS ACTING.

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