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Exclusive Interview: Stephen Marley


Through the many artist interviews, and run-ins with artist over the years Stephen Marley has always been the one artist I wanted to talk to personally. This year was the 19th Annual Peoples festival and tribute to Bob Marley in Wilmington, Delaware the only place Bob Marley called home in America. 

This year featured a acoustic tribute performed by Stephen Marley to honor Bob Marley at the World Cafe in Downtown Wilmington.

Few people know this but Wilmington, Delaware is also the birthplace of the Stephen Marley. I must mention that I also "Ras Mahddy" was born, and raised for many years in Wilmington, Delaware. I can remember back as a child in Wilmington my grandmother used to carry me with her to school. My grandmother was a teacher at Shortlidge Elementary school near the Marley home in Wilmington. While on that side of town, and around the school I used to see these young children with dreadlocks in the area. Back in those days dreadlocks were not so common as they are now so I distinctively remember the first time ever seeing them. As I grew older and got into my culture, I started to listen to Reggae, and I learned how Bob and his family used to live around the area. When I started to meet some of the family that still resides in America things started to come together like a puzzle. I always thought I seen Stephen around as a youth which made me really want to ask him what he remembered about his time in Delaware.

On the day of the show at the World Cafe I finally got the chance to chat with Stephen personally. He is a very particular person, and I can understand he didn't want light shining in his face at the time. With that said listen to the interview audio below...




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