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Yvonne Curtis Interview

This past week I was given the pleasure of speaking with reggae great, Yvonne Curtis about her new Greatest Hits Album released in August.   When I first noticed the album it surprised me.  How it is that someone I had only heard of in passing was able to put out a massive 3-disc greatest hits album?  Had I missed the boat?  Apparently I had.  

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Cali P's Musical Elixir

Swiss reggae artist Cali P has dropped the music video for 'Carry The Load' which was shot in London, England by MediaKoncept and JOAT music. The track was produced by Kheilstone Music on the 'Reggae Root' riddim and Cali toasts a message of steadfast resilience in this trying socio-political climate, whilst also paying homage to the unity that positive music brings about amongst humanity. The latter is a fundamental principle on which his chart-topping 'Healing of The Nation' is based; 'Carry The Load' is the first single from this project released via EU label/production house Hemphigher last November (2014).

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Exclusive Interview | Capleton @Howard theater in Washington, DC

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW :: CAPLETON THE PROPHET (CLICK ABOVE) Interview by: El Shamesh Nov1st, 2012 the eve of his imperial majesty Halie Selassie the 1st & Queen Menen 82nd Coronation Celebration. Washington, DC welcomes for the first time ever in history at the Howard Theatre  a reggae artiste from Jamacian by the name of Capleton!!!!

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Exclusive Interview: Stephen Marley


Through the many artist interviews, and run-ins with artist over the years Stephen Marley has always been the one artist I wanted to talk to personally. This year was the 19th Annual Peoples festival and tribute to Bob Marley in Wilmington, Delaware the only place Bob Marley called home in America. 

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