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Help Reduce The Importation of Foreign Food in Jamaica

Now it may sound strange but some how Jamaica is importing lots of foods that are produced within the country. You ask how, and why? Check out Farm Up Jamaica.

Farm Up Jamaica Ltd. is a diaspora funded non-profit organization designed to reduce the importation of foreign food in Jamaica by strategically farming crops being imported and increasing exportation of high quality organic, non-genetically modified non-GMO produce. The import and export markets have a direct correlation to the Jamaica dollar value. Our efforts are not only for the common good of Jamaica’s agriculture and distressed farmers, but will have a substantial, positive impact on our economy and all its people.

Farm Up Jamaica was formed in July 2013 with offices in New York and Jamaica. We are a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization registered with the State of New York. Our Federal Tax ID Number is 46-3363174. The organization is comprised of Jamaicans in Jamaica and abroad, as well as multi-national professionals from all over the word who have a heart-felt interest in organic farming and overall global sustainability.

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