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There are many things misunderstood about the West Indian Carnival celebrations due to a lack of education. Philip Bell brings forth a magnificent insight on the origins of one of New York's most beloved celebrations in his documentary J'Ouvert (A look at J’ouvert, the controversial, and often misunderstood, celebration that kicks off Brooklyn's Carnival festivities with an outpouring of percussion music, costumes, dance, and history).

This years 50th annual West Indian Day Parade will come alive on Monday, Sept. 4 on Brooklyn's Eastern Parkway. We are searching for a live broadcast to share with those who couldn't make it to this yeras parade. When we find it the link will be shared on our social media pages found at (thereggaevibe). OUR LABOR DAY PARADE PHOTO GALLERY

J'Ouvert from Philip J Bell on Vimeo.

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