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Rodney Price aka Bounty Killer also know as the "poor peoples Governor" on Tuesday evening handed over 60+ beds to the Kingston Public Hospital in Kingston, Jamaica. 25 of the 60+ beds going to the Victoria Jubilee Maternity Ward. Featured is a photo of Bounty Killer along with Health Minister Dr. Christopher Tufton at the Kingston Public Hospital.

“As a thriving Jamaican who came from nothing to something, I know I had to give back. I also have a special connections with those two hospitals because not only was I born at Jubilee but in the late 80s, when I got shot, KPH was where they took me,” Bounty Killer said. The artiste went on to say he has had the desire to start a foundation for sometime now and has had in interest in the health sector. He said that one his friend, a medical doctor who resides overseas, told him that he had the connections to get him the beds at an affordable price.

“We had to start the giving from somewhere so I went ahead and got the beds for the hospital. It did cost a bit of money but I got them into the country hassle-free as I got a waiver from the finance ministry. We see Shaggy adopting the Bustamante Hospital and if the children hospital is in such need, you can just imagine what is happening at the adult ones. We have to realise that all of us are going to age, so as it relates to the  education, security and health facilities, the public needs to help it if they can,” he said.

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