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Eek-A-Mouse makes strong claims against the Marley brothers

Iconic reggae artiste Eek-a-Mouse in a three-minute video posted by Lyric DVD, the artiste put the Marley brothers Damian, and Stephen Marley on the hot seat. "This is not reggae music, it's Marley music controlled by a family, Bob sey Trench Town Rock I will never turn my back on you.

But Rita Marley run to Ghana and left us a suffa on ya," he said among other things. The veteran also claims that his collaboration with Junior Gong and Bounty Killer, which was featured on the Welcome to Jamrock album, is one of Junior Gong's most successful songs world-wide. The effort, called Khaki Suit, was part of a Grammy award winning project and Eek-a-Mouse believes he should have benefited more for his role in the record. The artiste also revealed that he has plans to approach Junior Gong so as to secure a better pay cheque for Khaki Suit. "I went on the Internet a few months ago and speak mi mind," Eek-a-Mouse told the interviewer. The veteran also expressed that other reggae artistes are not necessarily in support of the Marleys, however they are afraid to speak against them because of their connections in the industry.


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