• Written by Ras Mahddy
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Sizzla Kolonji Visa Reinstated and ready for the U.S.

Sizzla Kolonji born Miguel Orlando Collins was cleared to enter the United States as his Visa was reinstated according Sizzla himself. The audio is all courtesy of Irie Fm Radio Jamaica. August 4-7 in California (USA) Sizzla is headlined for the Reggae on the River Festival. We reported 3 Years ago Sizzla was scammed by a New York Company falsely claiming to have reinstated the artist Visa before collecting many promoters $10,000us payments to book the artist.

Sizzla has undergone criticism due to anti-gay lyrics in some of his recordings, causing the cancellation of many international concerts.

Let me remind my viewers of what happened to Buju Banton before he was arrested. Could this be a setup for our brother Miguel? Could this be the beginning of many protest, show cancellations, and more?
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