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Rohan Marley teams up with Ray Lewis to create Inspire

Inspire by Marley | Lewis, an initiative by Rohan Marley (son of legendary musician Bob Marley) and two-time Super Bowl winner Ray Lewis. Inspire by Marley | Lewis is a first of its kind nationwide 72- hour long tour that will showcase a series of events centered on entrepreneurship and philanthropy in the areas of health & wellness, art, and entertainment.

Inspire by Marley | Lewis will hit six major cities in a 12 month period- Washington D.C. and Baltimore area, Boston, Los Angeles, Chicago, Miami and New York. In each city, a 72 hour-long event will take place, encompassing a 24-hour university tour and interactive events in iconic locations for the remaining 48 hours. This tour will showcase a robust community of artists, entrepreneurs, musicians and athletes. It will include interactive events, motivational speakers and unparalleled seminars encapsulating the Who’s Who of the sports, art, and entertainment industries and hence opening horizons for the youth of our country.

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