• Written by Nadine White

Culture Minister Responds To Chronixx's Anti-Obama Outburst

International reggae star Chronixx sparked a social media frenzy on Instagram/Facebook this afternoon with posts that he made, in which he seemed to brand US President Barack Obama as a "wasteman"; he also called for the exoneration of the Right Honourable Marcus Garvey. This caused an outrage from many people who cite his "waste man" comment as disrespectful; one user vented: "I looked up to you. I love you but now I see you're stupid. Too much Spurilina!". On the other hand, others appear to be in agreeance with his sentiments - another user commented "Sometimes if people don't make certain statements, some things are not brought to light or are otherwise left forgotten". There have been reports that the 22 year old artist has since deleted the post from his Instagram account though it remains on his Facebook page. 

Youth and Culture Minister Lisa Hanna bore the brunt of Chronixx's outspoken tongue last September when he ranted on Instagram about Jamaica's "dumb government", mentioning her in this post. An exchange between the two ensued. Today, Hanna addressed the young rasta's approach in voicing his concerns in a short statement - see video below. In the meantime, the word is that an online petition has been launched against Chronixx calling for him to “Cease and Desist the use of Jamaica's National Heroes to promote Anarky, Societal Unrest and Racism”...the debate continues!







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