• Written by Nadine White

Hollywood Stars Flock To Jamaica!

With its vibrant culture, sunshine, sea and sand, Jamaica has always been a top destination for tourists and the numbers are constantly on the rise. What's more, there was an influx of a-list guests visiting to soak up some good vibes and enjoy downtime on the Island in the first quarter of 2015. After all, "Noweh no better than yard!". Here are some famous faces who were recently spotted:

1) US Actress Keke Palmer took to the North Coast in early January, flanked by an army of her girlfriends. Why not?


2) Grammy award-winning diva Mariah Carey headlined the 19th annual 'Jamaica Jazz & Blues' Festival in Trelawney on January 30th; this was her very first show in the caribbean. Her performance was widely canned as lacklustre due to poor lip-syncing and lack of engagement with the audience but her various wardrobe changes were very impressive!


3) On the other hand, soulful crooner "Uncle"  Charlie Wilson absolutely tore up that Festival. "Ooh wee"!


4) Just prior to Carey's appearance in Jamaica, her estranged musician/actor husband Nick Cannon touched down and he's been back and forth ever since, promoting his latest protegee Kreesha Turner, daggering women and enjoying the cusine. He said: "I had been to some of the other islands, but not Jamaica... so I had to come see what it's all about".


6) Actress Meagan Good and her husband Pastor DeVon Franklin passed through at the end of December to ring in the New Year and remained until early January. Apparently these two lovebirds had a blast!


7) Similarly, R&B songstress Ashanti rung in 2015 at Shaggy's house in Kingston and spent time chatting to the local media and hosting parties. Of her experience and general sentiments about Jamaica, she said "I absolutely love Jamaica, I love Jamaican culture I love reggae music, I always say I don’t know what happened to me I was suppose to be born Jamaican and it got messed up, my situation didn’t planned out that way”.


8) Hip Hop royalty T.I and Tiny went rafting in Negril for a couples retreat back in February; Tiny enjoyed a limestone pedicure as they floated along


9) Socialite Paris Hilton made her debut in the Island just the other day!


10)...and she was joined by none other than her supermodel pal Naomi Campbell (right).


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