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It may be hard to believe but yes Rebel salute is in its 25th year of Celebration. Tony Rebel and his team has put together a formula to last two-plus decades. Rebel salute has grown into one of Jamaica's Premier festivals. The thing about Rebel salute is it has gone beyond the musical presentation and captured more of the culture of the music and the people. Due to the legalization of marijuana in Jamaica this year the herb curb was able to be presented legally to patrons attending the festival.

The only negative comments or concerns were about the VIP persons taking up the front of the stage and pushing the real supporters of the music further back resulting in a lack of Vibes in front of the stage. With all the talent that hit the stage that evening in my opinion Jesse Royal was the most memorable performance of the evening bringing a special vibe as the sun started to rise on Jamaica. Due to the inclement weather we were denied the second night of performances which would have featured many other great artists but those are the breaks when you are putting together an outside event. One thing I can tell you is Rebel salute promises to bring a great production each year so for the patients who had have never experienced Rebel salute I would suggest you start planning for next year's event. I must mention it was a blessing to be able to first of all even have the option to view it online but to then make it free was just absolutely Jah Blessed! So Fire Rebel keep up the magnificent works king!

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