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Bascenta | Genuine


Bascenta brings quaility Reggae backed by some of the wickedest production from some of the top producers in the business. When you listen to Bescenta's new album many of the subjects may relate to you in in way or the other. Bescenta's music on this new album really represnts what what music has evolved into today. Positive messages in songs like "Hungry Lane" and "Calm Down Your Nerves" will surely keep Bescenta at the top of the charts through his career. Everyone's favorite song here is the title track to the album "Genuine". The ladies loved it from the first listen.  

Ratings: 8.5


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Sizzla Kolonji

Crucial Times

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Glenn Washington


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Gramps Morgan

Two sides of my heart

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Lutan Fyah

The Kings Son

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