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Album Review: Fantan Mojah - Soul Rasta [Mojah Music]

Fantan Mojah
Soul Rasta
Album Review
Reggae Vibe Rating
IIIIIIIII 8.0 / 10

Fantan delivers a mighty lyrical roar on his 5th album release in his 12 year career entitled Soul Rasta.  Fantan Mojah from the beginning of his career has always been a very inspirational artist. On track #1. “Never Give Up”  Fantan sends the message of inspiration encouraging those who chose to listen to not give up. This track sets listeners on a righteous musical journey leading up to the next track #2. “Jah Give Us Life” which is a testimony of the gift of life that giveth.

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Warrior King - Rootz Warrior

January 21, 2016 (Kingston, Jamaica) -- Rootz Reggae singer Warrior King aka Mark Dyer is due to release his fifth album entitled ‘Warrior King the Rootz Warrior’ this February. This is the artiste’s fifth album, his last being titled ‘Tell Me How Me Sound’, which was released four years ago.

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Pacman Riddim [Kathmandu Productions]

Released: Januaray 22nd 2016
Kathmandu Productions

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01. Danny Ranks – Rod of Correction (4:19)
02. Dr. Ring Ding – Grosse Fresse (4:18)
03. Fitta Warri – Topsy Turvy (4:17)
04. I-Razor – Fool (4:19)
05. Jamie Irie – Kindness for Weakness (3:57)
06. Kinetical – Innocent Graves (feat. Ruffian Rugged) (4:30)
07. Little Pepe – Una Como Tu (4:29)
08. Lukascher – Haund in Haund (4:07)
09. Natural Black – Red Eye Dude (4:21)
10. Perfect Giddimani – Smoke Billy (4:08)
11. Rebel Elementz – Words, Power and Sound (4:27)
12. Rekall – When We Dance (4:22)
13. Ricardo Francis – Mama (4:29)
14. Teacha Dee – Jah Jah Is Calling (4:07)
15. House Of Riddim – Pac Man Riddim (Version) (4:20)Kathmandu Productions and House Of Riddim is proud to present a new Selection! After the first
Release the "Rebel" Selection and second "Big Up" Riddim, here is a new one called "Pac Man" Riddim

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Album Review: Taj Weeks & Adowa - Love, Herb, and Reggae

Taj Weeks & Adowa
Love, Herb, & Reggae
Album Review
Reggae Vibe Rating
IIIIIIIII 6.5 / 10

Release Date: February 2016

This is a Reggae Vibe Official Warning! This album contains heavy roots Reggae music. Adowa brings a cultural roots vibe to compliment the distinctive vocals of Taj Weeks. Track #3 Giant Beast is a message to all that Babylon will fall. Track #4 “Here I Stand” speaks on the issue of Love. With all the diversity in the world the role of love has become even more versatile which Taj sings about in this song. There’s a beautiful message to be heard on the track so if you don’t listen to any other tunes on this album this is the one to hear.

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