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Album Review: Patra • Westmoreland Girl (2016)

Patra • Westmoreland Girl (EP 2016)
Treasure Chest Productions
Available Here

IIIIIIIII 7.5 / 10

This new project released by Patra gave me a mixed response. I love the positive message music she brings in a few of the tracks for the ladies. It's hard for me to like a few of the tracks because it just didn't have that creative feel Patra brought before. I think she lacked good quality production on the tracks. When Shabba returned with his latest release he jumped on a few of the hardest riddims and murdered the tracks. I thought Patra should have done the same thing. I think she's well capable of another huge hit. In my opinion I think she just needs to connect with the baddest producers right now and ride some of the big riddims.

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