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Album Review: New Zion w. Cyro - Sunshine Seas

Sunshine Seas
Rarenoise Record (UK)
Reggae Vibe Rating
IIIIIIIII 7.0 / 10

New Zion’s latest project Sunshine seas takes listeners on a real Dub experience. With the layer of lyrics removed the listener can fully focus on the musical production Jaime Saft composes. Nine tracks are featured on this album.

Track #1 BrazilJah I would describe as sweet beginning at the heavy Bass-Line accompanied by Reggae’s trademark “One Drop” percussion. The drum in this one makes me envision a Brazilian youth beating what we use as a paint drum in America. It has a very distinct sound. Not quite sure if the paint drum was used here but it sounds similar. A few animal sounds, along with lots of different digital sounds made this my featured track on the whole project.

Track #2 Chalice Pipe is another Reggae influenced production. I found it to very pleasing to listen. Over all it’s a great project to give a listen. I would recommend this album for those who want to feel the vibes of Reggae without the layer over vocals that sometimes turn a listener away. For those who love a real quality sound I suggest you test this one out in your system. I think listeners will find the quality to be amazing.

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