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Album Review: Macka B - Never Played a 45 [Peckings]

Macka B
Never played a 45
Album Review
Reggae Vibe Rating
IIIIIIIII 9.5 / 10

The new Macka B release, Never play a 45, begins with an very heavy God bless tune, and from there the tunes only get heavier. His 22nd studio album features fifteen songs, but they serve up a heavy dose of Rockers.

Macka B opens with the conscious track Hail H.I.M., which you will hear Macka drop his lyrical fire in Amharic, that’s the language of Ethiopia the home of His Imperial Majesty Emperor Haile Selassie I. Images of Europe and Italy flicker through the lyrics in “Big Thief“; The Queen of England and the Pope are the topic of this track that reviles some very incriminating facts about the two. Never played a 45 is a salute to all the real DJ’s that paved the way for these digital age_________ can we even call them DJ’s? Then there’s the track “Too much chicken” which features the classic realistic humor that Macka B brings to a tune. Even though it’s a funny tune it has a very serious message about what types of things are going on with the food many people are eating. in this case in particular he’s educating listeners about the chicken.

Medical Marijuana Card has to be one of the years anthem’s for the Ganja smokers. The track speaks for everyone that wants the Medical Marijuana card. This is that anthem for everyone that is not in a area that has decriminalized Marijuana or made it legal for medicinal.

There are so many other great tunes on this album “Beautiful Naturally” really stood out. The message in the song is very true and it needs to be an official anthem for women everywhere especially the younger ladies growing up. This track alone set the standard higher for Reggae music. Macka “B” has put together another classic to add to the collection.

-Review: Ras Mahddy

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