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Album Release: Jemere Morgan • Transition (2017)

Jemere Morgan • Transition (2016)
Dada Son
Available Here


Jemere Morgan is set to release his debut album Jan 6, 2k17 fresh for the new year. Jemere is the grandson of Reggae legend Denroy Morgan, and the son of Morgan Heritage member Gramps Morgan. He has basically grown up on tour and breed into music. With that said I think we should be expecting a nice "freshman" release. If the tune with Gramps Morgan is any indication of how good the album is going to be Morgan Heritage fans best prepare for another Morgan generation.

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Album Review: Patra • Westmoreland Girl (2016)

Patra • Westmoreland Girl (EP 2016)
Treasure Chest Productions
Available Here

IIIIIIIII 7.5 / 10

This new project released by Patra gave me a mixed response. I love the positive message music she brings in a few of the tracks for the ladies. It's hard for me to like a few of the tracks because it just didn't have that creative feel Patra brought before. I think she lacked good quality production on the tracks. When Shabba returned with his latest release he jumped on a few of the hardest riddims and murdered the tracks. I thought Patra should have done the same thing. I think she's well capable of another huge hit. In my opinion I think she just needs to connect with the baddest producers right now and ride some of the big riddims.

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Album Review • Pressure - Red Rose (2016)

Pressure - Red Rose (2016)
Jalpo Records • Busspipe Records
Available Here •
IIIIIIIII 8.5 / 10

Pressure brings a very soulful Reggae Lovers Rock vibe on the Red Rose album. This one is a sure collectors choice to add to the catalog. This one is mainly for the lovers to hold a musical vibes. Great musical production you'll want to listen in HD quality. No featured artist on this album.

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Hornsman Coyote & Soulcraft - Safe Planet

Hornsman Coyote & Soulcraft
Safe Planet
Album Review
Reggae Vibe Rating

Hornsman Coyote & Soulcraft fresh new album ''Safe Planet'' is a crown jewel of a surprisingly rich and substantial tradition of reggae music in Southeastern Europe, where reggae was embraced, appreciated and well played since early 1970's.

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